July 30, 2023 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

July 30, 2023
1:06 Call to Order: 1:06 PM

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda  

Adoption of 7/3/2023 Meeting Minutes

1:15 PM 30 Day Resolutions

  • Fiscal Policy
    • Kara updated small things that don’t apply to our chapter.
    • Steering reviewed and updated the fiscal policy. 
  • Purchasing Agreement
    • Steering reviewed the purchasing agreement. 
    • Tiffany: Purchasing agreement is not a requirement of the bylaws. 
    • Purchasing agreement will not be included in the fiscal policy. 
  • SC Portfolios
    • Steering reviewed and updated the SC portfolios. 
  • HGO Resolution
    • Steering reviewed and updated the HGO resolution.
    • Keeping the paragraph re: resources: 4 ayes, 2 nays. 
    • Vote to remove paragraph re: consulting HGOs on expulsions: 6 ayes.
2:00 PM SC Roles & Portfolios – Updates & Questions

  • Co-Chairs – Shaun N & Kara Z
    • Kara Z. – One-on-one check ins
    • Shaun N. – Just restarted NEJ coalition meetings, 16 groups focusing on environmental issues, event coming up on 26th, maybe bring back Labor Wednesday
  • Secretary – Ash M
    • Working on getting acquainted with Action Network again
    • Want to update website with all previous meeting minutes
    • Working on getting our business license changed over and amended †
  • Treasurer – Sean Y
    • Things still need to be switched over
    • Sean Y., Aimee H., Kara Z., and Shaun N. have to go to bank when everyone is available and change over paperwork on the account
  • Comms – Tiffany S
    • Posting on social media once a day or every other day 
    • Posting on Facebook again, events up on Facebook as well
    • Facebook reach has grown 500%, Instagram 200%, Twitter up as well
    • Working behind the scenes with people who used to be more involved with Comms to get more people involved 
    • Blog posts coming out soon! 
    • Should we get a Threads acct?
    • Working on Housing webpage
  • Poli-Ed – Brian TS
    • Meeting with Anthony L., Ash M., Jesser S.
    • Discussions on top of Night Schools
    • Want to make Night School happen this month 
    • Kara: Poli Ed meeting in 2 weeks to help planning?
    • Recurring Poli Ed meeting would be beneficial 
  • Member Engagement – Val T
    • Pool day originally suggested, had to pivot into Movie Night planning
    • Recular lapsed member phone banks
  • Campaign Organizer – Austin K & Roy Z
    • Austin K.
      • B2S event: 12 backpacks that need to be distributed, some for Sunday Sol, some for Fifth Sun drive
      • August 7th: Adopt a Store Starbucks event, materials coming in from Starbucks Workers United, buttons and lit shipping to Kara’s house, giving out items at UNLV Starbucks
      • Publicity, also asking workers about SWU, connecting them with organizers, making sure they know how to organize if they want to 
      • Housing: Get recurring meetings scheduled, meeting August 8th, 2nd Tuesdays of the month, trying to find stewards: Angel and Shannon nominated
      • August 13th: Labor 101 event, social Poli Ed event, East LV library, Brian and Shannon creating content, might need to switch up a bit after Teamsters tentative agreement, geared towards Starbucks workers instead?
      • More tenant organizing, culinary contract fights 
      • Teamsters vote ends on August 22nd
    • Roy Z.
      • Semi-monthly or weekly housing canvases 
      • Kara: More radical housing justice lit?
September GBM: September 7th

  • Agenda
    • Agenda items can be added during our next Steering Committee meeting.
    • Start thinking about what you want to be on our agenda for next month’s GBM.
New Business

  • None
Open Comment

  • In contact with CCEA, possible protest coming up, will be in contact to see how we can support 
2:48 PM Adjourn

  • Next SC Meeting: August 13th, 11am-1pm