Workers and the World, Unite! DSA for PRO Act Campaign Launch Call w/ Naomi Klein, Sara Nelson & more

Sunday, March 7th @ 2:00 PM

In the 20th century, major gains for the working class in the original New Deal were achieved through militant labor organizing. Rebuilding this capacity is crucial to winning the world we want.

No matter who’s running the government, only a radicalized and organized working class can win transformative reforms that can make the 21st century livable for all.
To solve our climate and economic crises, we need a Green New Deal.

To win a Green New Deal, we need mass worker power.

To build mass worker power, we need to pass the PRO Act.

That’s why, in the first 100 days of the Biden administration, Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) are launching a push to pass the PRO Act, which would strengthen unions, the power of the working class to organize on the job, and our collective capacity to win a just transition to a green economy for all in the years ahead.

Join us for a campaign launch call on Sunday 3/7 with special guests Naomi Klein, AFA President Sara Nelson, and others to be announced soon!