The Puerto Rican Self Determination Act: Continuing the anti-colonialist fight in Puerto Rico

Sunday, April 25th @ 4:00 PM

Under foreign rule for over 400 years, first under Spain then under US control in 1898 (as a protectorate than as a commonwealth since 1950), Puerto Rico is the world’s oldest colony. The untenability of their status has become acutely painful in the last 20 years, as the nation has faced austerity and further abrogation of its democracy by the US imposed PROMESA. The Puerto Rican Self-determination Act, co-authored by DSA member Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was recently reintroduced. The PRSDA pushes for a constitutional process in which the various options can be deliberated. DSA, having a decades-long commitment to anti-colonial struggle and, as of 2019, a mandate to support decolonization in Puerto Rico, gathers members of the Puerto Rican Senate and DSA organizers from and in the Puerto Rican diaspora to discuss the importance of the proposed bill.

Featuring María de Lourdes Santiago (Puerto Rican Senate, Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño), Rafael Bernabe Riefkohl (Puerto Rican Senate, Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana), Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez (Chicago Alderwoman, Democratic Socialists of America) and José La Luz (Labor Activist, Founding member of the Democratic Socialists of America).

Moderated by Jonathan Soto (Political Organizer, Bronx/Upper Manhattan DSA).

Sponsored by DSA International Committee.