Tax the Mines Phonebank

Monday, May 3rd @ 7:00 PM

Join us for a Phonebank to #TaxTheMines! We will be calling fellow LVDSA members asking them to call their legislators and voice their support for AJR1** to increase mining revenue.

During the pandemic, as the economy faltered, gold prices boomed. Increasing mining revenue is just asking the wealthiest people on earth to trim their profit margins slightly. It’s time for mining companies to pay us what they owe and invest in Nevada’s future.


About LVDSA's Ecosocialism Committee

This group seeks to advance an ecosocialist perspective in environmental justice movements, the DSA & greater left; promote understanding of climate science as well as the intersections of capitalism, imperialism, systemic oppression & climate crisis; and build a socialist movement that reflects the needs of the people and limits of our planet.

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