So You’ve Won a Primary – Now What?

Sunday, September 27th @ 10:00 AM

Multiple DSA Chapters have had major electoral wins – taking on and sometimes beating establishment Democrats in primaries for county seats, State legislatures, and the U.S. Senate, such as Shannon Reid and Shannon Portillo in Lawrence, Marquita Bradshaw in Tennessee and Cori Bush in St. Louis, and the whole DSA for the Many Slate in NYC.

Join electoral organizers from Lawrence DSA, St. Louis DSA, Las Vegas DSA, Chapters from all over Tennessee and NYC for a discussion of how to turn these wins into a movement, and how to use electoral politics to wield real working-class power.

About LVDSA's Electoral Committee

Why should a socialist organization engage in electoral work?  Electoral campaigns can promote popular demands and force the establishment to finally pay attention to working people. They can also politicize and organize people, stretch people’s vision of the possible, and involve whole communities in the fight for better lives. An organization that can credibly threaten to run and win elections has a stronger hand in negotiations with politicians than one that can’t. It’s time to get organized!

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