NV Energy Rally

Thursday, January 13th @ 9:00 AM


Sign making at Davis Park
6698 Tara Ave. Las Vegas NV 89146

Walk to Protest at NV Energy
Corporate Office on 6226 W Sahara
Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Meet between 9 and 11am at Davis Park; walk to NV Energy Office; rally until 1

Why we’re rallying:

  • Greenlink West is a dirty fossil fuel transmission line going from existing natural gas generating power plants in Apex (Harry Allen Substation) just north of Las Vegas, to the Silicon Valley tech companies and associated servers and billionaires invading RenoSparks, NV: the Tesla Gigafactory, Amazon warehouse, Microsoft, Google, Blockchain, Switch and more. They are using enormous amounts of power and want to colonize rural, wild western Nevada to suck up more power with giant solar projects, as well as plug into the 2000 megawatt natural gas plant north of Las Vegas. Greenlink is Greenwashed!
  • The Greenlink Transmission Line will open the Nevada outback to energy sprawl, destroying intact ecosystems along with all the life they support
  • Transmission lines and solar energy facilities denigrate sacred lands
  • Carbon no longer stored in desert crusts and ancient root systems enters the atmosphere
  • Nevadans and all Americans lose access to the natural spaces necessary for mental, physical and spiritual wellness

What We Want

  • better policies for Distributed Energy Resources for the people: democratic renewable energy
  • to incentivize rooftop solar and parking lot carport solar, as well as solar gardens for apartments and lowincome neighborhoods. The InvestorOwned Utilities like NV Energy are trying to crush rooftop solar programs so that they can make more profit off of large utilityscale solar projects on public lands. We want Distributed Solar on rooftops!
  • We want utility companies like NV Energy and VEA to fairly pay rooftop solar generators for the value their renewable energy systems provide in order to fight climate change and promote grid reliability.
  • All transmission projects like Greenlink are rate based, meaning when NV Energy builds them they are allowed to pass on the cost to ratepayers, so our electricity bills will go up! Not down.


For more about green energys desert destruction watch the documentary miniseries at https://desertapocalypse.com