Haiti in Revolt: The Struggle for Democracy in the Neoliberal Era

Wednesday, March 24th @ 5:00 PM

Backed by the Biden administration, the neoliberal government of Jovenel Moïse has led to economic disparity, injustice, and terror for the working people of Haiti. Nationwide demonstrations have erupted in the recent months in reaction to failed neoliberal policies, many of which have been met with suppression and state violence. Haiti’s struggle for democracy illuminates the many contradictions of the Caribbean, neocolonialism, and capitalism itself.

The objective of this panel is to examine the many dimensions of the Haitian protests, the failed policies of the Moïse government, the hostile influence of American empire that has long disrupted the affairs of the Haitian people. DSA International Committee invites our audience to an evening of thoughtful discussion that will provide clarity into Haiti’s past, present, and future.

Featuring Dr. Jemima Pierre (UCLA, Black Alliance for Peace) and Dr. Mamyrah Dougé-Prosper (Davidson, Community Movement Builders).