Green New Deal for Public Schools Campaign Launch

Tuesday, July 13th @ 5:00 PM

The climate crisis is wreaking havoc around the country, with record-breaking droughts, extreme temperatures, and mounting risks of wildfires. We need a Green New Deal now. Winning a Green New Deal will require accelerated working class militancy demanding a radical and transformative expansion of public goods in the United States.

“We are excited to announce a new phase of DSA’s Green New Deal campaign. The first phase of our campaign focused exclusively on the PRO Act. We have made strides, and that fight continues. We are now adding a new demand: a Green New Deal for Public Schools. Our campaign will organize key groups around public schools with the aim of politicizing a public institution that exists in every community and from which we can make broad-based demands for aggressive green investment. This is a campaign for dignified, unionized green jobs; it is a campaign for climate resilient and zero-carbon, public buildings; it is a campaign for high levels of public, green investment in multiracial working class communities across the country.

This campaign, like all DSA work, is based on the foundation of chapter-level leadership and organizing. Join us on July 13 (8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT) to learn how your chapter can get involved!