Emergency Meeting

September 8th
7:00 PM

Emergency Meeting

Wednesday, September 8th @ 7:00 PM

Our friends in the Gulf Coast are still dealing with the fallout from Hurricane Ida and need our assistance. Many lack power, food, clean water, and emergency supplies. Their biggest needs at the moment: tarps, generators, and dehumidifiers. In order to purchase these needed supplies, a resolution must be passed by the general body.

Per chapter bylaws, the steering committee is calling an emergency meeting. We will be voting on this Resolution to Provide Aid to Victims of Hurricane Ida. Our chapter would use $1,700 from the Mutual & Community Aid Fund to provide DSA Southwest Louisiana with power generators and heavy-duty tarps, which they will distribute to victims of Hurricane Ida.

Amendments to the resolution may be proposed on the floor. No matters other than those pertaining to this resolution may be brought to or raised from the floor at an emergency meeting. Fifty members must be present in order to reach quorum and pass the resolution. If you have any questions, you can send an email to lasvegasdsa@gmail.com or contact a member of the Steering Committee.