DSA for Medicare for All National Campaign 2022 Kickoff

Monday, January 10th @ 5:00 PM

We get sick, they get rich. The US has the most inefficient and dysfunctional healthcare system of all similar nations. Receiving health coverage through our jobs rather than as a public good gives the employing class incredible leverage over workers and deprives the unemployed of healthcare, as well as pits workers against each other not only for a wage but benefits. This is class warfare. COVID-19 has shown us that now more than ever, we need protection from private, employer-based insurance. Even before the pandemic, 87 million Americans were uninsured or underinsured (unable to afford their healthcare) and 60,000 Americans died every year from lack of health insurance. 5.4 million more Americans lost their health insurance during COVID – and now we know ⅓ of COVID deaths are linked to underinsurance. Those of us with insurance bear increasingly unaffordable premiums, deductibles, and copays, and we are all at risk of losing our healthcare along with our jobs or facing an unaffordable emergency at any time. We have to organize.

We can’t expect politicians and bureaucrats to do the right thing: what we need is a mass movement of working class people that gives them no choice. The movement of the kind we need to achieve universal healthcare through Medicare for All will only be built through connecting with millions of people across the country, in our neighborhoods, membership organizations, and workplaces. Democratic Socialists of America wants to get you ready to fight! We need an “or else” for our campaigns. How do we move beyond pressure campaigns and into building a base that will truly refuse to donate to, vote for, or authorize union independent expenditures for elected officials who fail our class by leaving healthcare on the bargaining table? Join the Democratic Socialists of America as we launch the next round of our campaign to win Medicare for All. Hear from organizers, healthcare and essential workers, and legislators about why this fight is so important and how we are going to win it. Connect with other DSA organizers to build strategic campaigns wherever you are and coordinate throughout your region. Learn what resources are available to get your campaigns off the ground.