Socialist Feminist Book Club: Women, Race & Class

Monday, March 7th @ 8:00 PM

Join LVDSA’s Socialist Feminist Section for a book club discussing Women, Race & Class by Angela Davis. Read more here.

This book club is not limited to Las Vegas DSA members (anyone is welcome!), we just asked that those who identify as male be aware of the space you take up during discussions and yield space to female-identifying and non-binary comrades first.


March 7th


Chapters 1-3
March 21st


Chapters 4-7
April 11th


Chapters 8-10
April 25th


Chapters 11-13

About LVDSA's Socialist Feminist Section

LVDSA’s Socialist Feminist Section aims to create a space for women and non-binary comrades to come together in typically male-dominated leftist spaces, amplify women and non-binary voices, and push for a socialist feminist approach throughout all of the chapter’s work.

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