Abolition & Community Safety Kickoff

Wednesday, July 20th @ 7:00 PM

For the fiscal year of 2022, Las Vegas Metro police will have an operating budget of 715 million dollars a year, while thousands of our neighbors sleep outside on the streets, even more people struggle to pay their rent, go without adequate healthcare, and our schools are criminally underfunded and over policed. We at LVDSA oppose the carceral state in all of its forms.During our recent Convention, membership passed the Abolition and Community Safety Priority Campaign. Please join us to learn how you can get involved in our campaign to protect targeted communities from aggressive policing while we work to abolish police everywhere! We won’t Defund the Police in a year but we can continue building this movement that refunds and powers the People. We will discuss strategies for the campaign over the next year, begin plans for our first Brake Light Clinic, and describe the role of stewards to the campaign to encourage nominees. Come ready to empower each other while we gear up for this campaign’s success!


About LVDSA's Abolitionist and Community Safety Campaign

The Abolitionist and Community Safety Campaign will not accept reforms that reinforce the state’s or prison-industrial complex powers, will actively oppose any increase in law enforcement spending in state, county, or local budgets, and will call for allocating law enforcement funds to alternatives that actually assist people and promote community safety, such as housing initiatives and community services.

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