Nevada State Legislative Campaign

During Las Vegas DSA’s January 2023 General Body Meeting, the chapter voted to make the Nevada State Legislative Campaign one of our current priorities for the 2023 Nevada legislative session.

The Nevada State Legislative Campaign will promote legislative policies and bills that further Democratic Socialist values and goals, including but not limited to:

  • Labor Organization
  • Universal Childcare
  • Higher wages
  • Affordable Housing
  • Healthcare
  • Stipend increases and unionization efforts for Graduate Assistants (GAs) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

The Nevada State Legislative Campaign will lobby for these policies by organizing members & volunteers to:

  • participate in at least one phone bank or blitz to public officials for each policy
  • send letters & emails calling for support of particular legislation
  • speak in front of legislative committees
  • organize at least one public rally in support of legislation
  • And potentially travel to Reno if time/finances allow
  • Train UNLV GAs in grassroots organizing and strategic campaigns
  • Calling for the inclusion by the Governor of GA stipend increases in the Nevada state budget and for the ratification of said state budget by the Nevada State Legislature
  • Continuing to support UNLV GAs as they move from stipend increases at the state legislature to a broader push for unionization and will call for expanded rights for UNLV GAs, including but not limited to collective bargaining rights

The Nevada State Legislative Campaign will host events and distribute materials in support of legislative issues and policies that further our democratic socialist values and goals, including amplification of and community support for UNLV GAs message.

The Nevada State Legislative Campaign will crowdsource funds in order to pay for promotional materials, literature, phonebanking, and any potential trip to Reno for lobbying

The Nevada State Legislative Campaign will support only those policies which further the
goals of Democratic Socialists and lead to better quality of life and economic circumstances for the working class.

The Nevada State Legislative Campaign meet at least once per week and will continuously monitor the legislative portal for bills that align with our values and goals; the priority will also survey the membership of the LVDSA for suggestions.

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