2023 Convention Raffle

At this year’s convention, we are going to be giving away more than 2 dozen raffle prizes throughout the day including a dozen 11×14 framed leftist prints, a dozen zines of foundational leftists texts, LVDSA merch gift cards, and more! You must be present (either in-person or on Zoom) during the convention to claim your prize!

There are multiple different ways to get raffle tickets and those are found below:

  • Purchase tickets: $1 = 1 ticket
  • Register for convention = 2 tickets
  • Attend convention in person = 5 tickets
  • Bring a book for the book swap* = 2 tickets
  • Make a social media post encouraging people to attend convention** = 3 tickets
  • Bring a non-member friend to convention = 10 tickets
  • Bring a donation for our Back 2 School event
    • Backpack = 5 tickets
    • 1″, 2″, or 3″ Binders = 2 tickets each
    • Approx. $25 worth of school supplies donations*** = 4 tickets
  • Bring a donation for Sunday Solidarity
    • Tent = 6 tickets
    • Any item from our wishlist = 4 tickets
    • Bag of donated clothing = 4 tickets
    • Approx. $25 worth of hygiene products or other donations*** = 4 tickets
  • Get a tattoo of the LVDSA logo = 100 tickets

There is no maximum on how many raffle tickets each person can claim. However, we do encourage our members to “redistribute the wealth” at convention if they win an excessive amount of raffle prizes.

*Avant Pop Bookstore is downstairs from where we are having convention in case you want to purchase a book to bring for the book swap!

** Each individual can only collect tickets for 1 social media post per platform.

*** We won’t be checking receipts or anything, these are just general guidelines to help people get an idea! Whoever is helping with the raffle will use this as a guide for swapping donations with tickets. You’ll be able to earn at least 1 ticket for donations brought!