Weekly Roundup, Vol. 27

October 30, 2020 | Weekly Roundup

Happy weekend, comrades. Get comfortable and dig in to our Weekly Roundup.

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Capitalism vs. Democracy [4 min]

‘Bankrolling Extinction’: Report Shows Big Banks Lent Over $2.6 Trillion to Fund Global Biodiversity Destruction in 2019 [5 min]

Nationalize Walmart [6 min]

The Justice Department Should Pursue a Breakup of Google’s Monopoly [4 min]


How a Competent U.S. Government Would Be Fighting the Coronavirus Resurgence [4 min]

The Difference Between Feeling Safe and Being Safe: The pandemic has broken Americans’ understanding of what to fear [15 min]

The Tenants who Evicted Their Landlord [38 min]

Electoral Politics

The Zone Has Been Flooded with Shit: How Our Politics Came Undone [7 min]

The Whole World Is on the Ballot: As American democracy teeters, so does the fate of our burning planet [7 min]

Another Reason We Can’t Breathe: Joe Biden’s plan to address environmental justice is historic, ambitious, and has no competition from Trump — but we should push it to be even better [10 min]

Trump’s closing pitch is based on an avalanche of lies, and he’s hoping media help spread them [7 min]

Colorado Voters Could Be First to Pass Paid Family Leave by Ballot Measure [7 min]

Local Issues

ARCO seeks to privatize public land at state-led Anaconda mine cleanup, prompting concerns about oversight, transparency [8 min]

As everyday Nevadans struggle, state’s ultra-rich get richer [4 min]

As Nevada’s legal brothels remains closed, sex workers think bias is at play [13 min]

What we know about Gov. Sisolak’s COVID vaccine priority plan [3 min]

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