Weekly Roundup, Vol. 24

October 9, 2020 | Weekly Roundup

It’s Friday again, comrades. Get comfortable and dig in to our Weekly Roundup.

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Electoral Politics

VP Debate: One Fly and Two Candidates of the Bourgeois State [11 mins]

The Democrats and Republicans Are Racist Parties of Capital [14 min]

Why Are Democrats So Afraid to Say Fracking Is Bad? [5 min]

Climate Crisis

We Can’t Trust Oil Companies to Regulate Themselves [6 min]

‘Be Afraid—Be Very Afraid’: Methane Ruling Seen as Ominous Sign With Barrett Poised to Join Supreme Court [4 min]

Siberia Burned. Arctic Ice Shrank. This Was the World’s Hottest September Ever [3 min]


How Unions Can Bridge the Gap Between Climate and Labor Movements [8 min]

Unions and Social Justice Go Hand in Hand [13 min]

Trump’s Anti-Worker Labor Board [8 min]


Labor Unions and Green Groups Sue Trump Admin. for ‘Failure to Protect Frontline Workers From Covid-19’ [6 min]

Postal workers see sudden surge of COVID in recent weeks [4 min]

‘Trump Has Abandoned Them’: 1.3 Million New Unemployment Claims Spotlight ‘Unthinkable’ Consequences of Refusing Relief Package [4 min]

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