Weekly Roundup, Vol. 10

July 3, 2020 | Weekly Roundup

Let’s start the weekend right! Settle in and catch up on what this week had to offer.

Call to Action

Tell Congress to Pass H.R. 6515

Save Nevada’s Desert National Wildlife Refuge

Protest & Uprising

Black Lives Matter May Be the Largest Movement in U.S. History [4 min]

The White Left Needs to Embrace Black Leadership [8 min]

Police Violated Human Rights of George Floyd Protesters 125 Times: Amnesty International [5 min]

Nurses Have a History of Activism in the U.S., Championing Suffrage and Health Care Access [11 min]

Climate Change

The Marxist Lens: Is Overpopulation a Myth? [Video, 6 min]

Across America, Activists Work at the Confluence of LGBTQ Rights and Climate Justice [11 min]

‘Either you are fighting to eliminate exploitation or not’: A leftist critique of the Green New Deal [19 min]

Local Issues

Jorge Gomez: Shot by LVMPD While Legally Open Carrying at BLM Protest, Once Again There’s No Video [5 min]

Nevada has highest coronavirus transmission rate in the nation, data shows [1 min]

Upcoming Events

Socialism 2020 Virtual Conference

July 4th @ 11am → register

LVDSA Labor Committee Meeting

July 5th @ 2pm → register

Palestine Solidarity Subcommittee Meeting

July 5 @ 6:30pm → register

LVDSA Poolside Chat

July 6th @ 6:30pm → register

DSA Q&A with guest speaker Brianna Westbrook

July 7th @ 5pm → register

Day of Rage: Car Caravan Against the Annexation of Palestinian Land

July 8th @ 6pm → view details

LVDSA Socialist Feminist Committee Meeting

July 12th @ 12pm → register

LVDSA Medicare for All Committee Meeting

July 12th @ 6pm → register

LVDSA July Regular Monthly Meeting

July 16th @ 6:30pm → register

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