Weekly Roundup, Vol. 7

by Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America
June 12, 2020 | Weekly Roundup

It’s Friday yet again. We continue to support police and prison abolition and an uprising that will transform this country. We offer solidarity to everyone fighting the good fight.


Cities Ask if It’s Time to Defund Police and ‘Reimagine’ Public Safety [8 min]

When protesters call for ‘defunding the police,’ what does it mean? [10 min]

From soldier to worker [20 min]

‘They don’t belong’: calls grow to oust police from US labor movement [5 min]


Towards the horizon of abolition: A conversation with Mariame Kaba [52 min]

What Does Police Abolition Mean? [6 min]

The Domestic Violence I Survived Taught Me The Importance of Prison Abolition [8 min]

Ruth Wilson Gilmore Makes the Case for Abolition [Audio, 85 mins. Transcript, 51 min]


What the Heck is Going On In Seattle? [12 min]

When Rioting Works [5 min]

“We Are Fighting for Our Lives Against People With Money and Power” [5 min]

How Do We Change America? [25 min]

US faces allegations of human rights abuses over treatment of protesters [6 min]

Now is the time: Black struggle from Sudan to the US [10 min]

Solidarity with Our Trans Comrades

Black Trans Protesters Are Marching for a Police Killing That Cis People Aren’t Talking About: Tony McDade [5 min]

Dominique Fells, Riah Milton: 2 Black Trans Women Killed This Week [2 min]

Homeless Black Trans women fund [Fundraiser]


Abolish/Defund Police Master Resource List [Directory]

Master List of Black Revolutionary Readings [Directory]

The Abolitionist Toolkit [Directory]

The Black Anarchism Reader [Book, 122 pages]

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October 8, 2020 | Socialist Spotlight

Socialist Spotlight: Fred Hampton

The quintessential coalition-builder, Fred Hampton advocated on behalf of the working class as a revolutionary socialist. His fight against racial capitalist structures remains relevant today, as does his murder at the hands of the state.
July 16, 2020 | Call to Action

PETITION: Tell Nevada Lawmakers to Divest from LVMPD

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is immensely overfunded. Their budget of over $655 million is astronomical for a city of our size.