URGENT: Tell the LVCVA to Support Our Workers

julio 13, 2020 | Call to Action

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) is a taxpayer-funded agency tasked with promoting safe and sustainable economic growth in Southern Nevada. Accordingly, their guidance is influential to our tourism, hospitality, and gaming community. The next LVCVA Board of Directors meeting is Wednesday, July 15th, and the LVDSA Labor Committee has identified a crucially important issue for which LVCVA can provide support, guidance, and leadership.

In the upcoming school year, Clark County students will be attending classes at least three days a week from home. This puts countless workers in a critical situation where they may have to choose between caring for their children or earning a living. People should not be forced to place their children in vulnerable situations simply because they must work. This potentially catastrophic situation will have far-reaching consequences for our working families.

Please copy or paraphrase the following to LVCVA ahead of their monthly meeting. Submit via email to Executive Assistant, Silvia Perez, at sperez@lvcva.com, prior to 5:00 PM today, July 13th 2020. Such messages received on time must be read and entered into the public record.

The LVCVA and members of its board – elected officials and representatives of industry – should support and assist Clark County’s workforce by implementing the following measures:

  1. Implement flexible work schedules for their workers with children of school age.
  2. Provide enhanced and expanded on-site childcare options for their workers.
  3. Provide funding to community-based childcare and recreation centers to expand availability, provide daytime childcare, and tutoring services.
  4. Provide funding to faith-based and community centers to expand availability and capacity for childcare.
  5. Subsidize and support CCSD efforts to provide all students with technology and internet access.

I call on LVCVA to take this opportunity to assist its community stakeholders in the current crisis facing Clark County workers by immediately partnering with CCSD, hotels, gaming, and others to ensure Clark County’s workers are supported and their children safely educated.