Menstrual Product Drive – Donate Today!

julio 12, 2020 | Call to Action

Las Vegas DSA is excited to announce that our Socialist Feminist Committee has partnered with local women’s and children shelter, The Shade Tree, to start our very own menstrual product drive. During a time of already such uncertainty due to COVID, we hope to be able to do our part to help anyone in need.

Menstruation is something that roughly 50% of the population have to go through, but to each of these people, that experience can look vastly different. The lack of education, resources and financial help provided to everyone on the gender spectrum who menstruate is something rarely talked about. This culture has created a stigma around talking about menstruation for cis-women alone and is only amplified when it comes to everyone on the LGBTQI+ spectrum that also experiences menstruation. This happens in workplaces and schools, where products are commonly only offered in women’s bathrooms, and also in our education program that often depicts menstruation as a “women’s only” concern.

During a menstruating person’s lifetime, they will on average spend $6,000 on what should be deemed as basic human necessities. 71% of people said they have had to choose between being able to eat and being able to afford these necessities, and this cost factor is only amplified even more due to the fact that 10% of people also miss 1-2 days of work due to the pain that comes with menstruation. Many more are forced to go into work, despite usually being in a considerable amount of pain, due to the nature of the capitalist society that we live in. Period Poverty is real, and it’s unfortunately a cycle that too many know too well.

Period Poverty often affects children as well, and disproportionately impacts those of lower income levels. Studies have come out showing that some students unfortunately miss up to 50 days of school per year due to lack of access to products. It’s become very clear that menstrual products must be made free and more readily available.

Due to this pandemic, the lack of access to products has become increasingly harder. With many people out of work, their money is not only cut off, but possibly also their access to free products offered by the workplace or community center. As socialists, we believe everyone should be able to live a dignified life with full, easy and free access to basic human necessities and hope to be able to help anyone during this time.

Please donate today! If you would like to make a physical donation, please text or leave a message at 702-623-6316, or you can make a financial donation here!