December 5 Steering Committee

diciembre 5, 2022


7:00 Call to Order

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of 11/21/2022 Meeting Minutes

Review of previous action items

Link to make a motion

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report (EZ)


Discuss shirts (HolSol volunteer and others), stickers

December Holiday Solidarity

Discuss fundraising, t-shirts, operations (traffic, accessibility, restrooms, etc.)

Recap of December GBM

Any thoughts? Ideas for next GBM?

Anthony’s Leave of Absence

Picking up necessary tasks while Anthony is away in December

Supporting Existing Priorities / Event Turnout

Identify what support we can provide to help priorities gain momentum

Make a plan for getting turnout at upcoming priority events

Schedule Next SC Meetings
9:00 Adjourn


Meeting Minutes

Chair: Anthony L.

Secretary: Sarah L.


  1. Call to order 7:08 PM
  2. Agenda adopted by unanimous consent
  3. Last meeting’s minutes adopted by unanimous consent
  4. Action items
    1. Paying the Nunnery: Aimee had lunch with Billy but did not settle on an amount. Aimee says we may just have to decide on an amount and PayPal it to them.
    2. Naloxone training: we did not do any specific advertising for this event.
  5. Treasurer’s report – linked above
    1. Not much different from last week
    2. Still paying reimbursements for HolSol – Rahman still has receipts for gift cards
    3. $500 donation from Sarah’s brother – get that private equity money baby!
    4. Further questions email or DM Aimee
  6. Merch
    1. Aimee suggests if we do t-shirts, it’s whatever we have available. Then we just have to buy some in the sizes we’re missing.
    2. Black shirts were quite popular, maybe in the new year do a new merch run with that design. Have to get the word out so we can actually sell them.
    3. Anthony: did not imagine we would do free shirts back-to-back at both events, just the first one. If we are feeding volunteers, do not want to both pay for food and pay for free shirts. We should sell merch at this HolSol.
  7. HolSol
    1. Food trucks: stewards have wanted to do that but we don’t have permission per Anthony because there are food vendors on the property.
    2. Sarah asks if there’s anything that we need to be doing, are any partners that we need to follow up with
      1. Anthony says he would like to keep Hol Sol conversations where they are easily visible to all members, but he agrees that we should be putting effort towards fundraising and partner asks and getting those done ASAP
    3. Aimee and Sarah discuss purchasing a cart(s) to help us move items around, they will follow up together to discuss what fits in the budget and will get the job done
  8. Last week’s GBM
    1. Anthony: decreasing attendance is a concern. Need to support stewards to create priority-related content at the meetings. Happy about the speakers we had.
    2. We did not do text turnout for last meeting. Anthony: this usually makes a big difference in the number of attendees.
    3. Sarah: agreed about attendance, thinks texting will help. Looking forward to more content like the know-your-rights training
  9. Anthony’s leave of absence
    1. Anthony will be stepping away, goal is for entire month of December. I wish I did not feel like I have to, but I really do. Even just not getting on Slack over the weekend has helped my mental state. I want to go over tasks and see what can get picked up by who.
      1. HolSol tasks (already informed Rahman and Justin)
        1. Coordinating with the bands, Aimee has been in those conversations
          1. Met with Mari after GBM
          2. Aimee: have not seen messages about that but I will pick it up. Anthony will send screen shots.
          3. They want to coordinate with Chris P. to make a flyer with band names
          4. Shaun has talked about Decatur Brent as a third artist but I have no contact info so I don’t know if it will happen or not.
        2. Invite graduate students to table at Holiday Solidarity – Anthony will make sure he or Natasha does that one.
        3. Update HolSol guide – Rahman already did it
        4. Getting new Comms people set up. We have 2 or 3 from the thread (Val, Shane, Rahima – events only) and need a few more. Need to get them on Bitwarden and add to Social Media Team.
          1. Aimee: Comms is Natasha’s portfolio. Can she start working with the new comms people?
          2. Anthony: Need Natasha to pick it up or else take a LOA, or we need to re-evaluate priorities.
          3. Roy: is there vetting for comms people?
            1. Anthony: that’s part of the work that needs to be done
        5. Helping members write a priority campaign
          1. If no one can pick that up they can write it on their own
        6. Billy is supposed to send Anthony a pic of the electrical box that the sound people will access.
        7. Run next steering committee meeting
          1. Sarah will create agenda and call for items
          2. Roy will chair the meeting
        8. Agenda and location for next GBM, coordinate with guest speakers
          1. Shaun will run point and bottom line on the GBM!
          2. Deadline for announcement of venue: Dec ??
  10. Supporting priorities / event turnout
    1. Roy: monthly meetings would be better if priority work between meetings is more meaningful, fulfilling, for lack of better words
      1. We can help turn out people for priority meetings
      2. Desert Power may especially need help – graphics?
        1. Anthony: Chris P., Jakub D., and Rahima are possible people to ask for graphics
    2. Aimee: think Lisa would work well with having a second person. I think it’s difficult for her to understand where to go from here. She is aware that something needs to change, having a challenge putting people to work in a meaningful way.
    3. Roy: may ask Skyler to assist for the time being
    4. Anthony: I think the priority needs to identify a target action. Lisa knows about decisions being made in different councils and committees, and we need to identify who has the power and where we can put our leverage.
      1. Amy Z. is going to be in town the weekend of HolSol! All of Saturday and Sunday, maybe some Monday morning
      2. A lot of contact from national goes to highest level members, she wants to do as many 1:1’s with members as possible, wherever they want to meet.
      3. Interested: Lisa, Skyler, Ephraim, Anthony suggests Austin and Klaire, Rahman, Justin
      4. Shaun will invite people to meet with Amy Z., and add their contact info to her spreadsheet.
      5. Purpose of meeting: what are you excited about, what do you want to learn?
    5. Aimee: RE desert power, Lisa has been all about rooftop solar, not just water conservation. She seems a little shy to introduce that and pivot the priority. Want to reassure her that she has agency as a steward.
    6. Roy and Rahman working on a text bank for HolSol
    7. Anthony: Ephraim and Casey are doing great planning events, but only invite active DSA members rather than presenting as trainings for the community which would be my ideal scenario. They are interested in targeting the police budget, but it’s now controlled by Lombardo so may not be a good target. ACS should have a meeting just to talk about messaging and education.
    8. Aimee: cop budgets just keep increasing and crime just keeps increasing too. Maybe ACS could partner with Coalition Against the Death Penalty or others.
    9. Roy: an example of a political candidate advertising budget issues:
    10. Anthony: Mike Y. was so good at finding this kind of info!
    11. Anthony: who can reach out to stewards to discuss these issues?
      1. Aimee volunteers unless Shaun wants to do it
      2. Shaun volunteers
  11. Open Comment
    1. Aimee: want to check in with you Anthony. I’m sorry you had to reach out, I’m glad you did, I want to give you a hug and tell you its okay. We’re still here, we’ll help you.
    2. Anthony: had a panic attack Friday – I have never had one before. Decided I needed a break to take care of my health. Really glad we have Rahman and Justin to do Holiday Solidarity.
  12. Schedule next SC meetings
    1. December 19, 2022
    2. January 2, 16, and 30, 2022 (every two weeks)
  13. Meeting adjourned at 8:23 PM

Action Items

Item Assigned To
Contact Aimee about ordering a cart Sarah
Contact Rahman and Justin about accessibility on-site at HolSol Sarah
Send screen shots to Aimee of convos about coordinating with bands Anthony
Talk to Drew at Writer’s Block about a space for Amy Z. to do 1-on-1’s Aimee
Reach out to people for 1-on-1’s with Amy Z. Shaun
Discuss Abolition & Community Safety with Ephraim and Casey Shaun and Aimee
Post action items in Slack Sarah