January 16 2023 Steering Committee

enero 16, 2023


7:00 Call to Order

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of 1/2/2023 Meeting Minutes

Link to make a motion

Committee Reports & Old Business

  • SC Portfolio updates
    • Treasurer’s Report
    • Managing LVDSA email
    • Outgoing emails
    • Slack updates
    • Member lists (updated in action network &  google drive)
    • Minutes on the website
    • Poli-Ed Recurring Series
    • Southwest Regional Meeting – tomorrow at 6pm
February 2nd GBM 

  • Virtual or Hybrid? Location?
  • Guest Speaker/Educational Event/Other?
  • SC Election (Tiffany) 
New Business

    • Action Network Permissions
      • Leg priority stewards
  • Member Engagement 
      • SC should try and act as role models
  • Adding things to agendas, etc. 
Executive Session

  • Next SC Meeting: Monday, Jan 30th


Meeting Minutes

Chair: Kara H. 

Notetaker: Sarah L.


    1. Called to order 7:05
    2. Agenda adopted by unanimous consent
    3. Previous minutes adopted by unanimous consent
    4. Treasurer’s Report by Aimee – no major news
    5. Managing LVDSA email
      1. Kara: Comms historically has managed our email, when Tiffany moved from Comms to Secretary she continued to manage the email. I would like to see the email managed by Comms again.
      2. Kara: Secretary should have email access to handle member lists
      3. Kara: there have been some issues with multiple people replying, and with emails not being marked unread etc.
      4. Anthony as Comms will send the outgoing emails and monitor the email
    6. Slack updates
      1. Kara: I went through the members and anyone that jumped out at me I checked versus the member list, and removed about 25 people. If you can think of anyone who is a disgruntled former member let Kara know
    7. Member lists should come once a week and there is a process for going through and changing deadnames
      1. Copy needs to go in the google drive
      2. Needs to be updated in Action Network
      3. Anthony: we were told by national we don’t have to update into Action Network any more, has that changed?
      4. We as LVDSA SC should not rely on National to 
    8. Meeting minutes of SC meetings need to be uploaded to website
      1. Sarah will work on uploading to website, if problems will contact Kara for help
    9. PoliEd recurring series
      1. Kara: we’ve discussed having an ongoing curriculum of recurring poli ed on things like intro to capitalism
    10. Kara: I will discuss with staff Walker about how we can avoid having to use the national list until they fix their deadname problem.
    11. Kara: we will now have NMO on the calendar monthly
    12. February 2 GBM
      1. Anthony: our priorities are converging on the NV Leg Session so we should do something with that. Specific bills not selected yet, except Lisa O’s tree bill which hopefully will be submitted on time. Grad students have already spoken but we could have a different guest speaker and/or call to action.
      2. Kara: maybe something broader – talk about the legislative process, maybe leg priority people talking about their process. Naming 3-4 bills as examples. Ephraim may have a bill in mind possibly related to Abolition & Community Safety. We want to do what will bring in the majority of our members which means hitting on multiple things, not jus the tree bill for example.
      3. Anthony: Lorenzita volunteered to do a training about legislative session and how people can look up bills, submit comment, advocate, etc.
      4. Kara: Also we can instruct members how to get involved with the leg priority.
      5. General consensus, we should have a legislative session training by Lorenzita!
      6. Hybrid or virtual?
        1. Anthony: a lot of people seem to be getting COVID
        2. Sarah can commit to being there in person
      7. Location: library?
        1. Doolittle Community Center – Anthony confirms we would have the tech we need
        2. Anthony will check the price and report on Slack
      8. Kara: if we do hybrid we should come up with a place in advance that we can go out to after, that we can advertise in advance
      9. Kara: will make sure everyone has 24 hours to vote JIC
  • Due to COVID we will have a virtual GBM on Feb 2
    1. Kara: we were alerted we did not ratify to the membership the SC’s vote regarding increasing the budget for the storage unit.
  1. Do Leg Priority stewards get Action Network access or not?
    1. Kara: Everyone uses their own email to log in to AN and gets permissions to use our site. We have subgroups in AN for priorities so they don’t get access to everything. We spend a lot of time training people and giving them access, but they don’t end up doing the work themselves. With the exception of Tiffany S. and Brendan B. I think it makes more sense to create a form they can submit if they want to send out an email. Anthony seconds this approach.
    2. If people do want to request access to use AN we can grant it to them individually
    3. Kara: Anthony please let leg stewards know the above
  2. Kara: As SC, please try to be role models. If you are not planning to be at the meeting let us know. If you choose not to be engaged that’s fine but maybe don’t announce it. Our member engagement is low and we really need to get it back up. We could also use help
  3. Adding items to agenda
    1. We don’t have a democratic process right now for deciding on calls to action for Indigenous communities, there was an action brought by Aimee that Kara did not put on the agenda because it was not democratically discussed or decided
    2. If you have something you want on the agenda please be ready to talk about or have a plan in advance for who will talk about it
  4. Kara: we have opportunities to get involved with Indigenous communities if we want. Our land acknowledgement is performative, I understand wanting the call to action but that could apply to disability, racial justice, etc. If we have a third party call to action it should go in open comment.
  5. Executive Session.
  6. Meeting adjourned 8:26 PM


Action Items

Item Assigned To
Update member list and upload to AN (removing deadnames, blacklisted etc) Sarah & Kara
Upload past meeting minutes to website Sarah
Get quote from Doolittle for March GBM Anthony