September GBM

septiembre 1, 2022

September GBM

General Body Meeting

September 1, 2022  @ 7:00pm

Locations: Zoom or The Nunnery ( 900 E. Karen Avenue Suite A218)


6:30pm – Doors Open
7:00pm – Call to Order & Welcome

Guest Presentation: Nevada Coalition Against the Death Penalty
Treasurer’s Report
Cultivating Desert Power Campaign Update

  • Upcoming education night on September 12th and other events
Abolition and Community Safety Campaign Update

  • Announcing new campaign stewards and upcoming Brake Light Clinic
Yes on Neighborhood Stability Campaign Update

About Working Groups, Sections, and Caucuses

  • What they are and how they are formed
Socialist Feminist Section Update

  • Reading group, abortion access campaign, and upcoming events 
Call for Members to Join Working Groups

  • Communications Working Group
  • Translation Working Group
  • Member Engagement Working Group
  • Political Education Working Group
  • Mutual Aid Working Group
  • Disability/Accessibility Working Group
Updated Resolution for Addressing Interpersonal/Political Conflict and Code of Conduct Violations

Open Comment Period
9:00pm Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Shaun N.

Secretary:  Notetaker: Sarah L.


  1. Meeting called to order 7:32 PM
    1. Quorum not reached at this time
  2. Community agreements
  3. Land acknowledgment, Defend Native Children and Sovereignty
  4. Agenda not adopted – no quorum, cannot do voting sections
  5. Meeting minutes from GBM 8/4/22 – no quorum, cannot do voting sections
  6. Nevada Coalition Against the Death Penalty – Branden Cunningham could not speak today due to emergency.
  7. Treasurer’s Report – Aimee H.
    1. $8,460.14 in bank account
    2. 7 cents earned dividend from credit union
    3. Biggest expense: SunSol $495.95. Higher than usual due to last minute request: uncle caring for 2 nephews with special needs so we provided underwear/socks, still looking for 2x clothing, shoes in a proportionate size, identify as boys. They are connected with Masjid As-Sabur for support as well.
    4. Stripe account (Action Network) $1,284.08, received $1,000 donation from a member
    5. Paypal $0 – everything transferred to bank account
    6. Venmo empty, we are phasing out, do not use venmo! Use PayPal or donate link on website
    7. Questions Email with subject Treasurer or Financial
  8. Cultivating Desert Power campaign update
    1. NDOT (transportation board) meeting Sept 12 at 9:30 am. Join us in providing public comment about urban heat islands. 123 E. Washington Ave., Building B.
    2. Basin & Range Watch solar power education night, film etc. – Sept 12 at 7:00 PM
    3. Yellow Pine memorial, 8 poets, food and drink – September 24 at 4:00 PM
  9. Abolition and Community Safety campaign update
    1. Steering Committee has appointed 2 stewards, Casey L. and Ephraim Z.
    2. Casey L.: first putting together at least 4 brake light clinics to help reduce interactions with police. Last one helped 14 people for $121
      1. Training and dry run of clinic: Saturday Sept 10 at Edgar Flores office in East LV, event details will be put out
      2. Abolition & Community Safety meeting: Sept 14 at 7:00 pm (virtual)
      3. Brake Light Clinic Sept 17 at 9:00 AM at Edgar Flores office
  10. Yes on Neighborhood Stability campaign update – Klaire V.
    1. YNS ballot measure will not be on the ballot this year, deemed insufficient by NLV city council
    2. Brainstorming session, no new priority plans
    3. Vote on Resolution to Conclude YNS – cannot be voted on tonight due to no quorum
  11. Socialist Feminist Section update – Tiffany S.
    1. Book club tuesday 8 pm zoom abolition feminism now.
    2. Abortion access campaign
      1. Collecting abortion after care donations: over-the-counter pain relievers, overnight menstrual pads, etc. see
        1. Drop off at Avantpop, NV Dems Office
      2. Collecting personal testimonies about abortion and Crisis Pregnancy Centers
      3. Looking for people to translate docs into Spanish bc there is not a lot of quality info in Spanish
    3. Sept 11 3 PM NV Dems in person work session
    4. Look for an email coming out soon
    5. DM Tiffany S.,
  12. Calls for members to join working groups
    1. Member Engagement WG – Shaun N.
      1. NMO last week went well. Interested in participating, DM Shaun or post in MEWG Slack channel
    2. PoliEd WG – Sean Y.
      1. In order for someone to act they must have an idea, in order for you to persuade you need a reasoned persuasive argument.
      2. We as a chapter need to have a common language with which to speak. We need to generate our own goals and strategies.
      3. PoliEd is like James Bond’s Q branch
    3. Mutual Aid WG – Rahman F. and Justin N.
      1. SunSol 18 months straight! Last week was one of biggest events yet
      2. Next SunSol Sept 25 at 10 AM
      3. Amazon wish list with key items – tents, hygiene items, tote bags
    4. Disability & Accessibility Section
      1. DM Sarah Leavitt or join discussion-accessibility Slack channel
    5. Comms WG – Natasha S.
      1. If you like writing, social media, making graphics – you can help!
    6. Translations WG – Natasha S.
      1. Roy leads it and does most of the work
      2. We need more help!
  13. Vacancies on Steering Committee
    1. Minnie W. resigned effective August 26 due to capacity issues and wanting to spend more time with family and on non-steering committee related activities. Minnie has given so much to the development of the chapter and the SC and we thank her for her time and work.
    2. August 29 SC voted to remove Nathaniel P. due to code of conduct violation
    3. Special election needed – look for email with more details this weekend
      1. 1 week of nominations
      2. Membership will be notified of candidates 2 weeks prior to election at next GBM
  14. Updated Resolution for Addressing Interpersonal/Political Conflict and Code of Conduct Violations – could not be voted on due to lack of quorum
  15. Open comment
    1. Sean Y – in person reading group for an article paper on racial capitalism and why it adds to the stability of capitalism. Please register beforehand. At Cloud House
    2.  Aimee H – go to SocFem book club for Abolition Feminism Now, if interested in abolition! Stewards encourage everyone to jump in even if you have not done the reading
    3. From SC: thank you everyone for bearing with us through technical difficulties
  16. Meeting adjourned 8:09 PM