General Body Meeting

agosto 4, 2022

General Body Meeting


6:45pm – Zoom Opens
7:00pm – Call to Order & Welcome

Nuts & Bolts: About Robert’s Rules of Order
Consent Agenda

For the sake of simplicity and time, the following items are proposed to be approved as a single action. Any member may request that an item be removed from the consent agenda if they feel that it warrants a discussion or debate. Members may ask questions about the following items without needing to remove them from the consent agenda.

Steering Committee Portfolio Assignments

  • Click here to see each SC member’s area of responsibility
Treasurer’s Report

Priority Campaign Updates
Socialist Feminist Section Update
Harassment Grievance Officer Candidate Q&A and Elections
Update on Sunday Solidarity and HenderShare
Open Comment Period
9:00pm Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Anthony L.

Secretary:  Minnie W.

  • Presentation from Paul Catha from Culinary 226 about the future of the Neighborhood Stability Campaign
  • Call to Order at 7:30pm
  • Community Agreements Reviewed – Sarah L
  • Land Acknowledgment – Roy Z
  • Adoption of Agenda –  Agenda is adopted by unanimous consent. 
  • Minutes from Last Meeting, Local Convention – Minutes are adopted by unanimous consent.
  • Nuts and Bolts About Roberts’ Rules – Sean Y
    • Resource for members distributed: Key Terms and Procedures of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised
    • Q from Sarah – Are there adaptations in timing for people who might take longer to respond? A from Anthony – Yes, we use a long pause to wait. Members can also use a Point of Personal Privilege if they need accommodations. These should only be used for individual accessibility needs. We also don’t require members to stand as in most Robert’s Rules. We ask you to raise a hand or type with progressive stack. And progressive stack is not first come, first served. We use it progressively. 
  • Basics of Consent Agendas – Natasha
  • Adoption of Consent Agenda –  Chair called for adoption of consent agenda. It is adopted with 34 in favor, none opposed, and 13 abstentions. 
  • Steering Committee Portfolio Assignments were reviewed
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Budget Amendment – Amendments may happen here and there. They are living, breathing things. We will have to revisit and adapt. We have a couple of little changes: $185.86 for tax/accounting software, which is just $5 more. Add $100 for Yes on Neighborhood Stability Campaign. Forgot to account for Secretary of State, renewing our business license it costs $50 or whenever we change our officers. Added in $150 for the budget line item. Aimee motions to adopt, Erika B seconds, motions is adopted with unanimous consent.
  • Fiscal Policy – Aimee reviews the new  Fiscal Policy based on the national DSA template and adopted by the Steering Committee. 
  • Priority Campaign Updates
  • Yes on Neighborhood Stability Campaign 
    • Klaire is new steward for the campaign. Because of the events of the last 24 hours we’re stalled and back to the drawing board and we need to reconnect with Culinary and figure out steps forward.
    • Thanks to members who worked on the toolkit. We used it in public comment yesterday at NLV City Council
  • Cultivating Desert Power Campaign
    • Skyler and Lisa O appointed as stewards. 
    • First meeting is coming up next Thursday, August 11th  at 7pm. Focusing on planning, getting things off the ground. Feel free to reach out to us on Slack. Send phone number and they will remind you! We’ll talk about planning, strategy, building power, campaigns. Draft agenda will be in the Slack for suggestions ahead of time. 
  • Abolition and Community Safety Campaign
    • We have not found a steward for this priority yet.
    • Shaun – Still looking for stewards. We would like to prioritize BIPOC women. We are moving on with our Brake Light Clinic to reduce community members’ interactions with the police. Fix people’s brake lights so they don’t get stopped. Secured a location on Eastern – Law Offices of Flores and Gonzalez. Next meeting will be posted in the Slack and in email.
  • Socialist Feminist Section Update
    • Kara – section steward – We have a running book club. We’re reading Decolonial Feminism. Find info on the events calendar. We just started an Abortion Access campaing to expand abortion access in NV. Our goal is to eventually get a slate of bills in the State Legislature. We have a Defend Abortion Hub on our website with info and we are collecting testimonials about abortion experiences and crisis pregnancy centers. We’re also collecting donations for abortion after care kits. Working with NLG chapter. Austin K had a Letter to the Editor  in the LV Sun about abortion. We need help with translation, graphics, writing. Focusing on exposing crisis pregnancy centers. There is a free PDF of the book so you don’t have to buy it. Linked on the registration page. 
  • Harassment and Grievance Officer Elections
    • Three candidates – Ahmad A, Austin K and Tamara T
    • Candidate introductions
    • There are no questions for the candidates – ballots are distributed
    • Teller Committee (Sean Y, Ephraim, Lorenzita) reports the following results that Ahmad and Tamara are elected as the HGOs
    • Harassment and Grievance Assistants (assistants) are there to assist the HGOs. We will talk with Austin K about serving in this capacity. We would like to have as many HGAs as possible! Please reach out to the SC if interested.
  • Update on Sunday Solidarity and HenderShare 
    • SC has been keeping it going. We really need people to step up in order to have some leadership and we need to raise more funds – Shaun
    • Aimee – Sunday Solidarity has been a great way to bring in new members, socialist-curious folks, etc. We’ve been able to support Ahmad and the mosque and the houseless people who stay in the historic west side area. There’s a lot going on there that is power building. It’s a steady way for people to come and start to engage with socialism and mutual aid. SunSol costs between $200-275 per month. Folks also bring things. If we got some members who really love that and are willing to help keep the wheels spinning on it. A couple of folks can do this together. Someone who can post, ask comms for social media, folks to show up. Aimee still happy to do the shopping. At Hendershare we haven’t been able to have as many people. Rahman says he would like to help! Members are encouraged to reach out to the SC. 
  • Open Comment
    • Sean Y – Night School on Fascism is coming up on August 31st.
    • Natasha – Recently hosted the SW Regional Organizing Retreat – learned about building strategic campaigns, list work. Klaire/Austin – some are interested in starting a SW regional ecosocialist discord. Ephraim – attended ROR too and shares experiences.
    • Anthony – someone has offered a Deep Organizing training. More to come. Wishing Roy a very Happy Birthday tomorrow! 
    • Skyler – Thank you to the SC for organizing this GBM and especially to Anthony for Chairing!
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm