Candidate Questionnaire:
Amy Vilela

Candidate Questionnaire:
Amy Vilela



  • Campaign Email:
  • Candidate Name: Amy Vilela
  • Campaign Contact Phone: 702-572-1320
  • Campaign Twitter Handle: @amy4thepeople
  • What office are you seeking? House of Representatives
  • Party Affiliation: Democrat
  • Current Occupation (if applicable): Management Accountant and Federal Campaign Finance Consultant


Will you publicly identify as a democratic socialist in your campaign? Y/N Y

What does democratic socialism mean to you?

To me, democratic socialism means giving power and a voice to the working-class people who have not only been left out of the Halls of Power, but who have been forced into a system that is actively designed to work against them. It’s about replacing a system of violence with a system of love and care for all, built out of racial, social, economic, and environmental justice and equity—for all.

Are you a member of DSA? If so, when did you join?

I am a founding member of Las Vegas DSA. I both joined and was elected chapter Treasurer in the summer of 2017.

Have you had any affiliation with law enforcement, criminal prosecution, or prisons (including but not limited to LVMPD, County Sheriff, ICE, Homeland Security, Etc.)? Y/N If so, please elaborate on the affiliation. N

How long have you lived in your district? If you do not live in the district you’re running in or have recently moved there, please explain why you’re running in this district.

I’ve been a resident of Las Vegas since 2012. I originally moved to and in the 4th District, but decided to downsize once my older children moved out. I’ve lived in the 1st District since 2019. I’m running here because this is a working class district, a district that houses some of our most vulnerable and underrepresented communities and constituencies, a district that simply deserves more from our representative in Washington, D.C.

Why are you seeking this office?

Simply put, I’m seeking this office because we deserve more.

In June of 2015, my daughter Shalynne died at the hands of our profit-driven healthcare system. We sent her to the local ER after her leg became red and painfully swollen. When she arrived, they asked for proof of insurance, which she was unable to provide. After begging for an MRI and treatment, they refused to treat her, even as she experienced an 8 out of 10 on the pain scale. They sent her home with nothing.

Shortly after that, when Shalynne flew back to Kansas City to finalize some paperwork for school, the blood clot in her leg dislodged, she began coding, and ultimately she died of a massive pulmonary embolism. The last thing I ever said to Shalynne—as I held her dying body in my arms in her hospital room—was, “you will not have died in vain.”

I’m running again to make sure that this tragedy doesn’t happen to any other family in America. No one should lose a loved one because they don’t have healthcare, housing, or a stable, livable income. It’s clear that, after a year of unprecedented loss for so many in CD-1, from COVID to climate change, mainstream Democratic politics is not working for regular people.

I’m running to bring my lived experience and lived struggles to Washington, DC. As a former single mother who depended on programs like Medicaid, WIC, and food stamps, I know how tough it can be to lift yourself out of poverty. I understand how real the struggle can be. I will fight tooth and nail, using every tool at my disposal, to make sure the working class, and our BIPOC, frontline, and immigrant communities are centered in the policy we pass and ensure they have a seat at the table as we do the hard work of organizing, legislating, and fighting for a just and equitable future for all.

What are you hoping to gain from our endorsement?

Las Vegas DSA has been part of building a true, working class movement all across Las Vegas, and in a short time, has achieved politically what few other chapters in the country have. I have been proud to be a member and leader with DSA throughout that time, and I know firsthand what we can accomplish as we continue to work together to build our movement and a better future for all. For my team and me, this endorsement will be a two way street, and we look forward to working with our comrades in the chapter to help us unite and expand our winning political coalition, knocking on doors and talking with voters across the district as we build from the grassroots up, to incorporate members’ feedback as we grow our campaign, and to ensure DSA remains at the table as we continue to transform our district, our state, and our country together.


What are your top 3 priorities?

  1. The Climate
  2. Immigration
  3. Jobs, Wages & the Economy

What endorsements have you received so far?

  • Individuals & Elected Officials:
    • Cori Bush, Member of the United States House of Representatives, Missouri’s 1st District
    • Jose La Luz, Member of the National Political Committee, Democratic Socialists of America
    • Michael Lighty, Member of DSA’s Medicare For All Steering Committee and former National Director of DSA
  • Organizations:
    • Brand New Congress
    • Sunrise Movement Las Vegas
    • Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund

What do you see as your path to victory?

Nevada’s First District is a working-class district that has been left behind by our status quo leadership. Despite being home to the most heavily Democratic constituency of any congressional district in the state, it contributes the fewest Democratic votes—in both primary and general election elections and during both presidential and midterm cycles—to the statewide totals of all four districts. That’s because it’s long been held by a weak Democrat who’s failed to engage the broad base of potential voters in the district, particularly among the many immigrant and working class communities of color in the heart of Las Vegas; communities on the frontlines of the many crises we face right now.

As Bernie 2020 Nevada State Co-Chair—and with the help of our many comrades in Las Vegas DSA and other organizations across the city that came together to demand more—our district was our stronghold in a landslide caucus victory.

Our path to victory is straightforward and our mission is simple: unite and expand upon our incredible and diverse 2020 coalition. We believe we can and will do that by organizing at the grassroots and developing meaningful and authentic relationships with the voters and potential voters who are bearing the brunt of so many of the crises we are facing. Because the incumbent has set the bar so low, the electorate really has nowhere to go but up. We believe our campaign, along with the broader local movement in Las Vegas, stands to both expand the electorate during the primary election and win over a critical mass of existing Democratic primary voters.

Will you pledge not to take any campaign contributions from for-profit corporations or for-profit corporate PACs? Y/N
If not, please explain. Y

Will you pledge not to take any campaign contributions from real estate developers and corporate lobbyists? Y/N
If not, please explain. Y

Is your campaign unionized or will you pledge to accept unionization efforts by your staff? Y/N Y


If DSA does not endorse you, how will you relate to DSA?

I am an active, dues paying member of Las Vegas DSA—that fact will not change. Regardless of my endorsement status, I will continue to participate, listen to, and work with the incredible members, leaders, and organizers of DSA to build a better future.

Are you challenging an incumbent, an incumbent yourself, or are you running for an open seat?

Challenging an incumbent

How would you be an improvement over the current incumbent?

I am challenging an incumbent who has been in office for decades and who has not only been out of touch with our community, but has never passed any meaningful legislation during her time in federal office. The people of Las Vegas are struggling and the status quo leadership we’ve had for decades simply isn’t getting the job done. We deserve more. I will fight ferociously for a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and living, thriving wages and to strengthen our democracy and our rights, and to ensure we’re investing in a sustainable and equitable future—at home and abroad—for all.

I’ll do all that by doing what my opponent hasn’t: stay rooted in the community. Once elected, I plan to stay rooted here and will invest in a diverse, and local district team to deliver more robust constituent services. I will also continue to work with frontline organizations and leaders within the community, constantly strengthening and growing our broad, progressive Democratic coalition to ensure that the needs of the community are heard and brought to the table as lawmakers address the issues we’re facing at the mass scale required.

How will your leadership be accountable to your constituents?

I’m running for Congress because I know that Washington needs more working class representation. I will never accept corporate money and won’t ever be beholden to corporate interests. I understand that the policies passed quite often literally require life and death decisions to be made, and it’s time to elect a representative from Las Vegas who’s experienced the struggle and who knows exactly what side she’s on. This is a people-powered and community-first campaign, and that’s the way I’ll run my offices when elected.

Specifically, I plan on having a robust district office that centers the needs, concerns, and ideas of those in CD-1. If my constituents don’t think I’m doing my job, they will be able to reach out, either at a town hall, over the phone, via email, whatever it is. I expect my constituents to hold me accountable for my actions, because it’s all of our lives that are at stake.

How will your candidacy contribute to building long-term power for the working class?

We need more fighters in Congress who know the struggle of what it’s like to be a working class person—who know what it’s like to struggle, to live unhoused, and to lose their loved ones at the hands of our profit driven systems. I have dedicated the past few years of my life to electing working class champions to Congress like Jamaal Bowman and Cori Bush, and I was a surrogate for Bernie Sanders right here in Nevada. These aren’t just colleagues, these are my friends. Together we are doing more than building the legislative power necessary to enact change for all people—we’re inspiring others who have been in our shoes to join the movement and run for political office themselves.

What local groups and issues have you been involved in organizing with?

I have been politically active in Las Vegas since 2017, when I began throwing Medicare for All rallies with a diverse coalition of organizers, activists, and unions. Since then, I’ve worked with many more local organizations and leaders to fight for livable wages, criminal justice reform, reform in the Democratic Party, and more. Since 2018, I’ve focused on supporting electoral campaigns here and across the country.

Notably, and more recently, I served as Bernie 2020’s Nevada State Co-Chair, and after our landslide caucus victory and as the pandemic began, I worked with SEIU hand sew masks for nurses and other frontline workers who weren’t getting the PPE they needed. Then, together with Las Vegas DSA we organized two massive Holiday Solidarity mutual aid events this past November and December. Even as I’m campaigning today, I keep up with orgs PLAN and other coalition partners around their immigrant justice and housing justice campaigns because I know the work of organizing never stops.

What organizations do you look to for guidance and leadership on issues?

In addition to my comrades at Las Vegas DSA, I look to guidance in our community from our fellow travelers in Left Caucus and at the State Party; from leaders in immigration and criminal justice reform spaces like National Lawyers Guild, PLAN, Mass Liberation, the ACLU, the Clark County Black Caucus and others; from leaders in organizations like Sunrise, Center for Biological Diversity, and Sierra Club when it comes to combating our climate crisis, and I always stay close and up-to-date with the Clark County Education Association.

How would you approach community engagement when in office?

We are going to win this campaign by organizing on the ground, building a grassroots, bottom-up campaign that listens to and lifts the needs of all of our families, our friends, and our neighbors, especially among our most vulnerable and frontline communities. That won’t change after our election. This is our home and every single one of us deserves to have a voice that is heard in the Halls of Power. To ensure that, I will invest heavily in constituent services and in building a robust, diverse, and local district team. I will hold regular town halls, attend events across the community, and partner with the incredible organizations and leaders in our community to ensure we are building sustained power for the movements for justice; the movements to save lives; the movements to build a better, sustainable future for all.

Actions If Elected

How will you be accountable to our members once you are in office?

I’m organizing and fighting for the mission of Las Vegas DSA every single day. If, for any reason, I fail to uphold the standards of membership then I expect to be hearing from them. I expect petitions to be signed, rallies to be held, and your voices to ring out so loudly that they cannot be ignored—I expect to be held to a higher standard than our status quo leadership that has continued to do just the bare minimum for us for so long.

When elected, I will look to members of DSA to stay engaged with my office and team, and to partner with us as we continue to organize for community-first solutions and outcomes. I’m a DSA member, my campaign team is made up of DSA members, and my family are all also DSA members. As a DSA member, I’m running to represent the working class and our most vulnerable communities. To do that as a campaign, we aren’t accepting a dime of corporate money, and that won’t change when I’m in office and running for re-election. That’s because I know accepting corporate money is directly at odds with fighting for the working class that the corporate class is working to oppress.

Do you commit to working in collaboration with other DSA elected officials? Y/N Y

How would democratic socialist principles guide how you would act as an elected official?

The working class hasn’t just been an afterthought for the architects of our country’s power structure; they’ve been intentionally left behind and ground down, generation after generation, after generation. My campaign and the policies I’m running on are about tearing down those oppressive systems and rebuilding new ones that center true, material justice for all.

What actions will you take to rectify the legacy of white supremacy and dismantle the structures which enable it?

All of my children are people of color, and I’ve seen first hand the deadly effects of systemic racism. I have no doubt that my daughter, Shalynne, would have been treated differently at the emergency room if she was white. I know I certainly always was. My family’s experiences have strengthened my resolve to combat the systemic inequities BIPOC communities face.

We must acknowledge that white supremacy is more than just the vile rhetoric we hear from Trump Republicans on a daily basis. It’s the entirety of a system that has been shaped and designed over the course of generations to benefit wealthy, white property owners at the expense of working class Black, brown and Indigenous people. Our judicial, carceral, financial, economic, and healthcare systems must be completely reimagined with climate, social, racial, and economic justice in mind while also atoning for generations of inequity and inequality.

For the entire history of the United States, BIPOC voices have been the last to be heard. We must center BIPOC voices for a just transition as we organize, legislate, and govern towards a just, equitable, and sustainable future for all.


What actions would you take to increase affordable housing?

It is cruel to allow rent and housing costs to skyrocket and evictions to take place while placing bans on unhoused encampments, effectively criminalizing poverty. If we can constantly bail out the largest corporations in the world—both directly and through tax breaks—then we can extend the federal evictions moratorium, cancel existing rent debt, and provide additional federal relief to working families. I support a national Tenants’ Bill of Rights, which would implement a national rent control standard, make sure there is “just cause” for evictions, and guarantee the right to counsel in housing disputes. Once in Congress, I will also advocate for increased funding to HUD and, under a Green New Deal, fight to expand the total number of affordable housing units countrywide.

How would you support the expansion of public housing?

Yes. If elected, I would immediately support Rep. Ilhan Omar’s 2019 Bill, H.R. 5244, the Homes for All Act, and Rep. Cori Bush’s 2021 Bill, H.R. 568 The Unhoused Bill of Rights. Together, this legislation begins to build the base of creating a Housing Guarantee and truly treating housing as a human right by expanding the creation of and access to public housing through massive investment. Locally, we can invest in building thousands of permanently affordable housing units in Nevada’s most housing insecure communities, with 10 million more units across the country. That means investing in our urban core here in Las Vegas, growing up and more densely, not out via more endless sprawl that will only serve to make our problems worse.

Do you support the implementation of rent control policies? Y/N Y

Do you oppose the use or sale of public land for private development? Y/N Y

Do you support implementing a Tenant Opportunity to Purchase policy? Y/N Y

Do you support implementing the following tenant protections? Y/N

  • Just cause requirement for evictions? Y
  • Right to counsel for evictions? Y

Do you oppose the evictions of homeless encampments? Y/N Y

Would you oppose using city resources and police to sweep encampments? Y/N Y

What would your plan be to support houseless individuals in encampments?

What is happening to houseless people in Las Vegas is a travesty. We cannot continue to destroy the encampments that unhoused individuals rely on to seek shelter from the unrelenting elements, while also failing to provide no other meaningful or realistic options for housing. As a matter of moral priority, we must stop investing in the criminalization of poverty and start investing directly in people to ensure their human and civil rights are being met.

We need to create systems that care for the individual instead of punishing them for being unhoused. That means ensuring that public facilities are open to all, healthcare is treated as a human right regardless of housing status, and that nutritious food is available and accessible. It’s creating a system that treats housing as a human right, rather than a luxury. I support an Unhoused Bill of Rights that will end the unhoused crisis by 2025.

How will you respond to the wave of evictions due to COVID-19, specifically when the rent moratorium expires?

The moratorium on evictions throughout the course of this pandemic has saved lives. Literally. When we allow them to expire, we put people’s lives at risk. This is exactly what I mean when I say we need to elect representatives who understand that the decisions they make in Washington can quite literally be the difference between life and death. I understand that deeply. I’ve been unhoused myself as a single mother. I can’t imagine having to have made the difficult choices I made as a young mom in the middle of this global public health crisis, and watching our current leaders defer to the interests of the real estate lobby, developers, and landlords is enraging.

As the Delta variant continues to surge through our communities and transform Las Vegas into a Covid hotspot again once again, we need to be doubling down on protecting those in our communities most at risk right now, not abandoning them. It is more clear now than ever before that we need to treat housing as a human right. It’s a matter of health, safety, and personal security for all. I support rent cancellation for all unpaid rent accrued during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CDC’s current moratorium on evictions is a huge political accomplishment, but it’s only providing temporary relief to a permanent problem.

Do you believe guaranteed housing is a human right? Y/N Y

Police & Public Safety

What is your vision for community safety?

For our community to prosper, we must divest from violent, one-size-fits-all policing practices and forces and invest in those most vulnerable among us and in our collective long-term needs: healthcare, housing, education, and real supportive social services. Every law we pass must focus on restorative justice by centering those who have been targeted by generations of unjust legislation and state violence. We can no longer support policing as a means of keeping our community safe, instead we must invest in a preventative and public-health focused approach.

When it comes to taking care of those currently incarcerated, we must center life after incarceration. When elected, I would reform national parole policies to drastically reduce the total number of incarcerated citizens and end the overpopulation of our prison system, then ensure that incarcerated individuals have higher education or trade school opportunities available during or after incarceration.

For national leadership on this issue, as well as many others, I look to the work my sister in the movement, Rep. Cori Bush (MO-01), is doing, and when elected, I look forward to working with her to pass her People’s Response Act.

Is there any situation in which you would vote to increase police funding? Y/N N

Do you support efforts to demilitarize and disarm the police department? Y/N Y

Do you support an end to mass incarceration and abolishing for-profit prisons? Y

Under what circumstances would you support a national guard deployment in Las Vegas/Nevada?

The National Guard is not to be used in response to first amendment protests for people advocating for their right to live or for a better, more just society as we saw happen across the country last year. The only instance in which the National Guard should be deployed is when there is a clear and direct threat to human life by a natural disaster, medical crisis, or other act of god.

Would you oppose allowing local law enforcement officers to suppress protests, both locally or in response to another jurisdiction’s request? Y/N Y

Do you commit to rejecting any political endorsement or campaign contributions by labor groups whose mission is primarily to organize and represent police officers? Y/N Y

Do you support decriminalization and expungement of conviction records related to marijuana / other drugs? Y/N Y

Many local police departments participate in training with Israeli military and/or police in what opponents of such programs call the “Deadly Exchange,” furthering practices of surveillance, militarization and racist violence and policing. Would you support ending these police exchanges? Y/N Y


Do you support universal single-payer healthcare programs like Medicare for All? Y/N Y

Do you support women’s rights to reproductive health care, including abortion? Y/N Y

How would you guarantee poor and working class women have access to reproductive care?

I would fight to protect Roe v. Wade and introduce legislation to enshrine it in law, I would push to repeal the Hyde Amendment, and expand funding and access to services for women across the board. Beyond that, when I say Medicare for All, that includes ensuring that a woman’s medical decisions are left solely to the discretion of her and her doctor and that that care is universally accessible and free at the point of service.

Would you support creating safe injection sites? Y/N Y

What policies would you pursue to support the expansion of public health infrastructure?

I support Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s bill H.R. 1976, Medicare for All Act of 2021, which treats healthcare as a human right. In addition to this, we need to expand our network for public hospitals across Las Vegas and the country to ensure that Black and brown communities are no longer left behind in medical deserts.

As part of the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, we will make the massive investments in healthcare infrastructure—doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc.—necessary to ensure that we make good on the promise that healthcare is a human right. This past year and a half has only made it more obvious how disastrous the unchecked pursuit of profit by insurance, pharmaceutical, and hospital corporations has been for the vast majority of people in this country.

Via Medicare for All, we will get rid of networks, premiums, deductibles, copays, and surprise bills, we’ll include dental, hearing, vision, and home-and community-based-long-term-care, in-patient and out-patient services, mental health and substance abuse treatment, reproductive and maternity care, and needed prescription drugs coverage, and we’ll save both money and countless lives in the process.

Economic Justice & Worker’s Rights

What would your relationship be to labor groups, and what actions would you take to support labor organizing?

Too many of the representatives we elect to public office say they will be friends to labor when elected, but then they turn around and accept contributions from the very corporations, sectors, and industries that our unions are sitting across the bargaining table from. As the billionaire class and corporate interests make it plainly clear that they view the material interests of working people as completely opposed to their own, working people deserve leaders in office who understand what’s at stake in this fight, what the different sides are, and which one they’re on.

We must elect leaders who won’t just sponsor, but who’ll do everything in their power to pass and enact the Pro Act, repeal section 14(b) of the Taft Hartley Act and eliminate “Right To Work For Less,” make union dues tax deductible, allow federal workers to share in the same organizing techniques as workers in other sectors, such as the right to strike. Furthermore, we must ban employers from forcing anti-union propaganda and meetings upon their employees before, during, and after their attempts to unionize.

Working people in Las Vegas and across the country can count on my unwavering solidarity as we struggle and organize for a better, fairer future for workers and working families.

Do you support the following minimum wage policies Y/N

  • Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour? Y
  • Indexing the minimum wage to inflation or cost of living? Y
  • Raising the tipped minimum wage to match the standard minimum wage? Y

Do you oppose tax giveaways or publicly-funded incentives to corporations such as the ones given to Amazon and others? Y/N Y

Will you support increasing taxes on the wealthiest residents of your jurisdiction to pay for some of the programs you feel strongly about? Y/N Y

Do you support the unconditional right of workers to organize unions and card check? Y/N Y

Do you oppose so-called Right-to-Work legislation? Y/N Y

What other measures do you think are needed and will fight for to make the labor market fairer such as fair scheduling laws, parental leave, county contracts with abusive employers, employee misclassification (e.g., Uber drivers and other employees treated as independent contractors)?

We must pass a living wage, so people are not forced into overtime, taking away from their personal lives, friends, and family, just to make ends meet. We must put an end to worker misclassification that allows companies that allow multi-billion dollar companies to treat workers as independent contractors just so they can save a buck. Paid sick, family, and parental leave must be a requirement for all employers. We must also enact a Federal Jobs Guarantee for all through the Green New Deal, empowering a workforce that will develop and build the infrastructure we need for the 21st century—all while creating millions of good paying, public, union jobs and implementing rigorous labor and environmental standard for which all employers, public and private alike, must be held to.

How would you support and develop policies to increase worker ownership and control of industries?

I believe every worker should have the right to form a union, giving employees a say over their workplace and giving them the right to negotiate as co-owners of their workplace. When elected, you can count on my support for the Workplace Democracy Act in Washington. I’ll work closely with our organized labor family here in Las Vegas to stand in solidarity with their struggles and ensure our workers always have a seat at the table when crafting legislation and making political decisions, I’ll advocate for equitable worker representation on corporate boards, and for making key parts of our economy and society, like the internet and utilities, publicly owned, controlled, and operated.

Do you recognize sex work as work and support the decriminalization of sex work? Y/N Y

What specific proposals for the protection of sex workers’ rights do you support?

During my 2018 campaign, I was one of the few candidates in the nation to go on the record declaring sex work is work and in support of the unioniziation of sex workers. If elected in 2022, I would fight to repeal SESTA-FOSTA and allow sex workers to regain autonomy over their work. Beyond that, I would pressure our next District Attorney not to over charge sex workers with crimes and end raids on massage parlors and other police operations. I would build and extend support systems to meet the needs of sex workers, including housing, childcare, and job training. Just like all other professions, sex workers must have the right to form a union, collectively bargain, and advocate for the workplace rights and protections they need.

Environmental Justice & Climate Change

Will you support all efforts to reach a just transition to 100% carbon-neutral energy by 2035 at the latest and zero emissions in all economic sectors as soon as possible? Y/N Y

Would you support public ownership of gas and electric utilities? Y/N Y

Do you oppose the construction of new fossil fuel pipelines? Y/N Y

Do you support increasing taxes on Nevada’s mining industry? Y/N Y

How would you support sustainability in both private development and public works programs?

Our nation’s infrastructure system needs a complete overhaul. One of my top issues and bills I am fighting for is the Green New Deal, which will, among many other things, both increase public investment in energy, transit, and urban development, and will implement stricter standards in private development. We have so much to do and so much to build to ensure that our children and grandchildren have a sustainable and habitable planet to live on. It would be impossible to overinvest in the change we need, from completely eliminating fossil fuels, developing a civilian conservation corps to put people back to work with good public jobs, wages, and benefits, to completely decarbonizing our existing building stock and ensuring zero emissions from new development.

Do you support climate mitigation requirements for new housing developments? Y/N Y

What steps would you take to prepare your jurisdiction for the climate crisis and ensure equity in that process?

Las Vegas is on the frontlines of the climate crisis. We are facing massive levels of drought, Lake Mead and the Colorado River are drying up, and wildfires have been ravaging the west. We should be the ones leading the charge for a Green New Deal and combating this crisis. And we can be. But it requires leaders who will use every tool at their disposal and organize around the clock to build the political support necessary—both on the ground in Las Vegas and within the Halls of Congress—to enact bold, transformative policies like the Green New Deal. That’s exactly why I’m running, and exactly what I plan to do when elected.

I fully support a Green New Deal, meaning; a Green New Deal for Cities, a Green New Deal for Public Schools, and a Green New Deal for Public Housing, and more. This is a comprehensive framework for policy and an ambitious political program designed to meet this critical moment. At the very heart of all of those policies, though, is the need to build a sustainable future—and we simply cannot do that while also allowing the fossil fuel industry to continue unchecked.

I’m tired of the half measures and preemptive compromises. We don’t need to reduce our fossil fuel emissions by 10% or 20% within the next 20 to 30 years. We need to fully eliminate them. Yesterday. Any candidate or politicians telling you otherwise either don’t understand the scope of the problem, or they aren’t being honest with you—either way, they have no business in office.

How would you advance transportation justice?

Transportation emissions are the single largest driver of temperature rise in Las Vegas. The most important thing we can be doing right now—both to combat the climate crisis locally and to address the specific issue of transportation justice—is to oppose the Clark County Lands Bill (SNEDCA), which my opponent is currently leading the way for. This bill would greenlight the sprawling suburban development of public lands equal to the geographic area of St. Louis or Miami, growing our population here in Southern Nevada to 3 million people. It’s going to lead to more and longer commute times, which means more emissions, pollution, and adverse economic and healthcare outcomes for our immigrant and working class communities in the heart of our urban Las Vegas district.

Beyond ending massive giveaways to greedy developers, transportation justice must begin—in Las Vegas and everywhere—with public investment in mass, public transit. When it comes to growth and development, we should be doing so strategically, by growing up and increasing our urban density in communities served by robust systems of public transit. Cities in the Western US, particularly Las Vegas, were designed from the beginning for cars. Under the framework of a Green New Deal, we will push to rebuild our cities with a new vision in mind.

Do you support creating a fare-free program for public transportation? Y/N Y

Childcare & Education

Do you oppose privatization of public school services and the expansion of charter schools? Y/N Y

Do you support universal and free pre-school? Y/N Y

Do you support paid family leave? Y/N Y

What policies would you support to enable access to childcare services?

Childcare services are so important, both for children and parents. The rising costs of childcare have exacerbated the wealth gap between women and men, held parents back from career and educational opportunities, as well as impacted the educational development of children from families that couldn’t afford care. I would support funding universal pre-K programs across the country, guarantee free childcare for working families with young children, as well as a full-day, full-year educational program for young children.

Do you support a prohibition on exclusionary school discipline (i.e., suspensions and expulsions)? Y/N Y

Will you support free education at community college and/or 4-year public universities? Y/N Y

Do you support student loan debt-forgiveness programs? Y/N Y


Do you support classifying and publicly announcing your jurisdiction as a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants? Y/N Y

Do you support a path to citizenship and an end to illegalization of people based on immigration status? Y/N Y

Will you pledge to reject endorsements and funding from organizations involved in immigration enforcement and incarceration? Y/N Y

Do you support the unconditional abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE)? Y/N Y

Human Rights & Internationalism

Do you support the repeal of the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF)? Y/N Y

In the past decade, several states, counties, and municipalities have sought to pass legislation that would penalize companies–or even individuals–for participating in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. Regardless of your own position on BDS, would you oppose this kind of legislation and seek to repeal it in jurisdictions where it already exists? Y/N Y

Do you support the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions (BDS) to pressure Israel until it complies with international law by ending the occupation, instituting equal rights for its Palestinian citizens and respecting Palestinian refugees’ right to return? Y/N Y

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