Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America Supports #8toAbolition

junio 15, 2020 | Comunicado de Prensa

Press Statement for Immediate Release

We, the Las Vegas chapter of Democratic Socialists of America, join DSA National in affirming and supporting the goals of #8toAbolition.

We co-sign and stand fully behind their statement. Read the full text below:

The Democratic Socialists of America affirm and support the goals of #8toAbolition. We can no longer abide the oppression waged on Black people at the hands of a white supremacist, misogynist, imperialist, and capitalist police state. The demands for minor reforms have gone unanswered and proven ineffective for far too long. We take responsibility for keeping pressure on elected officials, the state and federal government, local municipalities, our union and organization allies, and everyday people to end police and military injustice, not only in this moment, but for as long as it takes.

We acknowledge abolition as the path forward. Through abolition and reparations, resources must be given to communities most deeply impacted by racism and policing. Our country must confront and reconcile its history, materially atoning for the abuses and deaths upon which its empire was built. We endeavor to create a world which values the lives of all Black people, understanding none of us are free until all are free. We lift up Black women’s lives, Black trans lives, Black Indigenous lives, Black immigrant lives, and everyone for whom specific and extreme violence awaits at the intersection.

In the coming days, DSA will work with our members to enact strategic support for Black organizers and communities across the country. Right now, we call on all of our chapters to support #8toAbolition and how they are best reflected where they are. We have endorsed the weekend of action called for by SixNineteen, and encourage chapters to join or host actions starting on Juneteenth, 6/19/2020, and will be convening calls to provide instruction.Abolition can’t wait.

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