Weekly Roundup, Vol. 5

mayo 29, 2020 | Weekly Roundup

“There are decades where nothing happens,
and there are weeks where decades happen.”

– Vladimir Lenin

Supporting Our Comrades In Minneapolis

The ongoing situation in Minneapolis is on everyone’s mind today. We condemn the murder of George Floyd and fully support our comrades in Minnesota who are protesting this injustice.

May George Floyd rest in power ✊

Actions for George Floyd

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Black Visions Collective

Twin Cities DSA Food Justice for Frontlines Fund

Las Vegas DSA Condemns the Public Execution of George Floyd at the Hands of the Minneapolis Police

Police, Mass Incarceration, and Racism

How to Film Police Safely [11 min]

Abolish the Police [29 min]

ICE Detainee Who Died of Covid-19 Suffered Horrifying Neglect [14 min]

It looks like Amy Cooper, the white woman in the viral Central Park video, is a liberal. That’s important [4 min]

A Report from Occupied Territory – James Baldwin, 1966 [22 min]

Getting Real About Fascism: What You Need to Know [68 min, Audio]

Politics and Policy

The N+1 Candidate [10 min]

You’ve Probably Heard Socialists Won’t Vote for Biden [6 min]

What Leftists Who Won’t Support Biden Overlook: Trump [10 min]

Former Leaders of SDS, Meet the Current Members of DSA [3 min]

Hawaii Considers an Explicitly Feminist Plan for COVID-Era Economic Recovery [10 min]

Local Issues

COVID-19 tests targeting vulnerable populations in Nevada may be flawed [4 min]

Reno, Las Vegas Ranked Fastest-Warming Cities In Nation [2 min]

Upcoming Events

LVDSA Electoral Committee Meeting

May 29th @ 7pm → register

LVDSA Movie Night: Snowpiercer

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LVDSA Labor Committee Meeting

May 31st @ 2pm → register

LVDSA Socialist Feminist Committee Meeting

May 31st @ 4pm → register

LVDSA Poolside Chat

June 1st @ 7pm → register

DSA Restaurant Organizing Project: Understanding the Unemployment Crisis

June 2nd @ 6m → register

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